About Simon crafar

My story

Born and raised in a small country town in New Zealand, Simon fell for a Suzuki TM 75 he spotted in the local bike dealer's window. He started racing Junior Motocross but later after a riding a friend's bike at a track day he knew his future was on the asphalt. New Zealand championships followed as well as racing in Japan, Malaysia and then on to the UK 1992. During this year Simon has his first taste of competing at World Championship level and there was no looking back. After multiple podiums, came the offer to compete in the 500cc Grand Prix Championship for the Red Bull Yamaha Team. Simon's rookie season saw an impressive 3 podiums including a emphatic win at the British Grand Prix.
After retiring from racing Simon competed in Red Bull Romaniacs Extreme Enduro race winning his class and later became track manager for some future events. It was out scouting tracks when Simon was hit head on by a car breaking his T11 and T12 vertebrate. Through some fantastic care he was able to recover and return to teaching on track where the idea of Motovudu was born. Simon says: "I want to save riders from the mistakes I made and the painful crashes I had whilst learning how to ride fast. I believe this book will show you techniques that are helpful at all levels of riding, from your very first on-track experience, through to racing at the highest level"

In 2018 Simon was asked to join the Dorna commentary team as MotoGP pitlane reporter. His technical knowledge and insight as a rider enables him to offer a unique contribution to the content on MotoGP.com and it's social media platforms. Simon continues to teach on track during the Grand Prix off season.