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Motovudu: dark art of performance

Book 1: 500GP winner and World Superbike racer Simon Crafar passes on the essential rules learned throughout his career, designed to teach any rider how they can ride faster and stay away from unnecessary risks. Covering such areas as body position, braking, corner entry, mid corner and corner exit as well as other essential tips and tricks, this book will provide you with a comprehensive easy to understand guide to going fast. Containing detailed descriptions, illustrations and stunning photography the book shows Simons techniques in a easily understood manner all in a flexible book that will easily fit in your backpack or gear bag. *Available in English, Spanish, French and GermanB
This DVD covers such areas as body position, braking, corner entry, mid corner and corner exit, as well as other essential tips and tricks. This DVD will provide you with a comprehensive, easy to understand guide to going fast. Containing visually stunning high resolution, slow motion footage that shows detailed movements and minute changes, this DVD shows Simons techniques in an easily understood manner with multiple angles and detailed descriptions for each process. This DVD also contains an insight into Simon himself, with footage of his life away from the track and interviews with current World Championship. *** Available in English, Spanish and French*** ENGLISH CONTENT IS NOW AVAILABLE ON THE MOTOVUDU YOUTUBE CHANNEL
Book 2: Following the worldwide success of his original book and DVD Simon Crafar now takes you to the next level. Motovudu 2 utilises these same rules but pushes them to the very limits. This book is not about safety as much as riding to the very highest levels, and this is not possible to achieve without calculated risk. Like anything that is pushed to the limit, it is a fine line between pain and glory. In addition to being a professional motorcycle racer, Crafar also worked with world championship riders as an Ohlins suspension technician and more recently as a coach/mentor for World Championship riders. Motovudu 2 also contains his thoughts on the mental and physical approaches to riding at the highest level. We hope that Motovudu 2 will help you reach your goal of being the fastest rider on circuit. (Book only)

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 MOTOVUDU: DARK ART OF PERFORMANCE book in electronic form.  All of the content of the original book with links to the relevant Motovudu YouTube videos.