coming events

Note: The dates below are proposed dates for our winter/spring 2021/2022 instruction series of events.  Due to the ever changing difficulties of travelling due to Covid-19 and potential calendar changes we will initially be asking for a registration of interest for the event/ events you would like to have instruction at.  Please email to advise of the dates you would potentially like to attend.

 We are looking forward to getting back out on track with you!

The chance to ride two different tracks at the same facility. Two days at Almeria and then two days with the choice between riding Almeria or sister track Andalucia.  Great opportunity!

Smaller, fun and challenging circuit.  Based close to Cartagena town with great food and an interesting history

Excellent track with a little of everything. Popular for testing for race teams during the winter months

Featuring on the MotoGP and World SBK calendars this amazing track features change in elevation, a ‘cork screw’ and one of the longest back straights.  Not to be missed